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Mike Rodriguez - Math Teacher / Tutor

     Mike started tutoring math during his sophomore year in college as part of a Work Study program.  He continued tutoring at Baruch College until he obtained his Bachelor's degree in Education with a major in Secondary Math Education in February 1991. 

     Mike obtained a position as a high school math teacher at his alma mater John Dewey High School in April 1991.  Since then he has taught all levels of high school mathematics, along the way earning his Master's degree in Secondary Math Education. Mike currently teaches math at Brooklyn Technical High school, most recently teaching geometry and pre-calculus.  

     Now in his 27th year of teaching high school math, Mike has refined techniques to get math content across to students with varied learning styles.  So whether it's algebra, geometry, trigonometry, pre-calculus, calculus, SATs, or other standardized exams where math content is tested, Mike has the techniques to improve the mastery of the math content.